Oh My

I have been gone forever it seems.  But I have a decent excuse.  I cracked and bruised a few ribs (like my whole left side) and banged up my left arm pretty bad, was having difficulties breathing for a while because of it (the ribs, not the arm) and the whole thing just left me laying on the couch most days, struggling to even work the remote control.  (Note to self...NEVER again slip on steps made of cement during a rain storm!!!)

So, Squirt and I spent a whole lot of time watching documentaries the last month and a half of school (well, May and June since we are still currently doing our year round schooling - just taking a couple weeks off to enjoy the wonderful weather we've been here).  When drugs kicked in, I would be able to do short stints at the computer printing off a few things - so he wouldn't completely forget that we are actually "schooling" and not just sitting around watching tv.  He also worked daily on his math and began to read a copy of Real Science 4 Kids that I had been given by a local homeschooler here (she never used it).  He liked it and I would often hear him yelling "Mommy, do we have any...(insert items here).  I'm going to do an experiment!"  Yes, when I was unable to guide him using the teacher/parent guide, he would take it upon himself to read that along with his own text and then create his own experiments.

Add to it that he has been thoroughly enjoying the subscription to KNOW magazine that he recieved for Christmas and I have more than once found my kitchen in disarray as a result.  Little Man has also learned the valuable lesson of cleaning up after making a mess because Mommy was not able!

* He has also learned how to sort laundry, load washer and dryer, start said washer and dryer, fold clothes, put said clothes away, load dishwasher, set and clear table, sweep floors, clean bathrooms, dust, and even organize dvd's alphabetically and chronologically according to program type...That is my own Type A personality son and don't you dare NOT put the dvd back where you got it from! (A definate change from the boy who just a few months ago would leave dvd cases strewn throughout the house!!)  He has also started to take the garbage out, sort the recycling, AND mow the lawn since Hubby purchased a "people powered" lawn mower.

I have to say, a mom could get VERY used to this!  VERY used to it.  In fact, my ribs seem to be acting up again...

Oh...I am currently exploring new items for our fourth year of homeschooling.  I will post soon on what I choose and why I chose it.