A Visit from Pepe Le Pew




Last night we let the dog out to do his business for the last time before locking doors and heading to bed.  What we got back was STINK!!!

Now, you have to understand, our yard is fenced.  And the fence is secure.  We used to have a very small dog that could squeeze through tiny openings so we went through the whole fence and closed off all openings bigger than 3"...Yes, the small dog could manage to squeeze himself through such small openings and be gone sometimes for days.

So, Sammy doesn't do that.  He never leaves the yard without us telling him to, such as getting into a vehicle when we are getting ready to head somewhere.  In fact, the gate has blown open and all Sammy does is sit at the edge of the fence and look out.  Even if a cat wanders by, he will stand there and bark but will not leave the yard.

Anyhoo, last night we let Sammy out.  As soon as I opened the door, I knew something was up.  Dogs all along the street were barking like mad.  But, it happens often.  There are vehicles that use the back alley to get into garages or driveways (not everyone on our street has front access to their homes via drive ways).  Five minutes after we let him out, we could hear Sammy barking like mad.  Hubby goes to the door and hollers for him to come in.

And no sooner was he called in and he was booted out again while we figured out what to do about the smell.  We were going to just let him sleep in the garage but then I stumbled upon a website that talked about how to get rid of skunk smell on pets.

Here's the recipe, should you ever need it...

1 cup 3% hydrogen peroxide
1/2 cup baking soda
a good squirt of dish soap

You mix it up and use it right away.  This isn't something you can make ahead of time and store until needed according to the site...which of course I can't find again so I can't link you to it. 

So I mixed up a batch - used up all my peroxide AND baking soda in the process - and Hubby brought the dog in and placed him in the tub.  I handed him the solution and left them in the bathroom as the smell was just too strong for me (Sorry, Hubby.  There are just some things plumbers are better suited for and this is one of them!)

Use a rag dipped in the solution to do around the face and make sure to get the creature wet from head to toe with this stuff.  Allow it to sit on the animal for 5 minutes or so, then rinse well and shampoo with regular doggie shampoo with conditioner as the solution does dry out their skin.  We didn't have any doggie shampoo left (of course!) so Hubby just used my shampoo and then gave him a good dollop of my conditioner and rinsed him off.

He came out smelling nice. 

No more skunk smell on the dog.

Now, if only the lingering affects would leave the house we'd be good to go.

Somehow the smell is still lingering in the air here and I'm hoping that after spending the day with the windows open it will be gone.

As for the skunk...I was talking to a neighbour this morning about the skunk and she mentioned there had been one in the back alley last night annoying the dogs.  "Luckily none of mine got sprayed" she said...Yeah...But mine did.

So we know now...it was in the back alley and sprayed him through the fence.

So for anyone keeping score...We have had moose, bear, rabbits and skunks wandering down our back alley and eagles, owls and geese flying overhead almost every day in the last 8 years.

Really, who needs to live in the wilderness when you get this living in the city?
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