The Workboxing Theory

I re-read my post about Sue Patrick's Workbox System and realized that some might take it as something I don't like.

I DO like the theory behind the system.

In fact, many classroom teachers have been using similar systems for many years with success.  In fact, similar ideas were something professors and instructors I had taught us to incorporate in one way or another in our daily classroom routines to ease classroom management - the "getting from point A to point B" smoothly and efficiently while still maintaining control and avoiding disruptions and enabling them to get through the lessons and work planned for the day.

I guess I was just disappointed that through the reading of various blogs and discussions on the subject I did not realize that was what the system was until I had the e-book.

BUT the idea behind workboxes?

I absolutely LOVE.

I just don't like the idea that her way is the only way.

A workbox system as she describes simply won't work for someone who lives in a house with less than 900 square feet of living space, half of which is currently under renovation, especially if you have more than one child.

Yeah, our actual living space right now is around the 475 square feet (I do have a path to the laundry room and second bathroom if it should be needed - both of which are in the basement).  A small house, yes, but it is plenty big enough for the three of us and we don't require more - more space just means more stuff to clean and dust for Mommy here.

I don't like the idea that one person's way is the only way...for anything

It is why there are different styles of houses.  The basic structure is the same - four walls, a few rooms for living and sleeping - but the style of each house is different.  You just have to look at your neighbours.  Even if you have the same style of house as everyone else on your block, I can guarantee your decorating tastes are different.

It is why every family is different.  A husband, perhaps.  A wife, perhaps.  Or maybe it is grandparents raising the next generation.  One child...five children...or more (Bless all of you who have more!  Some days I wonder how I can deal with one!)

I have never believed there is a one size fits all solution to anything, Sue Patrick's Workbox System included.

But I do believe this system or something similar will work for anyone - with tweaking and adjusting to suit your available space and your family and your style.

If you are new to the education process or have no idea where to begin putting together such a system or variant thereof, the book is a good starting point and I would recommend it if you can't wrap your head around the various blogs and discussions BUT just keep in mind that you might not agree with some of her ideas and beliefs.

There.  Clarified.

I think...
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