April Fools

It seems we have a little jokester in our midst.  I woke this morning to

  1. Salt in the sugar bowl
  2. Sugar in the salt shaker
  3. Toilet paper missing from the bathroom - ALL 49 rolls (just restocked because there was only one left in the cabinet)
  4. Telephone hanging upside down on the wall
  5. My Dawgs hidden away - he still hasn't told me where they are so I'm in my sock feet still and so not used to that any more
  6. Last night's knitting carefully ripped back - and he did such a wonderful job on that without a single twist, turn or lost stitch that I think someone has a new job!!! :) 
  7. My computer keyboard unplugged - noticed that one when I tried logging on the computer
  8. Mouse missing from computer desk
  9. Work folders missing from box - guess he figured if they were gone there would be no school???
  10. Clocks all set at different times - stove said 10:30, microwave said 3:45, wall clock in kitchen was at 6:23 or something like that and livingroom claimed to be 4:50
He also pulled a few pranks on Daddy this morning.
  1. Reset his alarm clock so Daddy ended up waking to his usual 6:15 alarm at 3:50 in the morning
  2. Reset the alert on the cell phone so it is programmed to go off at various times through the day with the message "April Fools!" - Hubby said it has gone off 12 times so far - twice within three minutes.  We didn't even know he knew how to set the alerts.  Heck, WE don't even know how to set the alerts!!!
  3. Hid his van keys
  4. Hid his work boots
  5. Hid his work hat
  6. Hid his work coat
  7. Hid his lunch kit AND his lunch (which had been in the fridge - Hubby found it in the freezer - no need for an ice pack today, huh?)
So I asked him when he did all these things.  He said he woke up at 3 and had to pee and figured he would do all these things.  We did not hear a thing!  He was in our room, resetting the alarm, and we heard NOTHING!

Of course, if it was a stranger the dog would have barked and alerted us but because it was Squirt, Dog just followed him around the house...

So I asked him if there was anything else he did and he answered "Yeah, one more thing."

Just then I heard a scream from outside and he said...

"After it got light out and Daddy undid the alarm, I went outside and put a bunch of my springy snakes into the mailbox so they would jump out at the mail lady."
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